Upside Down or Petrine Cross
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She is so sexy!

I did everything I was taught, I packed my graphics, wiped my cc, wiped my game and now I’m floating. Everything is faster!



The houses are beautiful made ​​by Frau Engel ♥

Today I woke up and missed you…

I’m too low or too high is it? 

I want to thank everyone who responded to me, I will test all methods, I’m intending to see one by one and then do the tutorial on how to make things faster. Thank you guys. You guys helped me a lot.

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Is there any mod that makes me have to try several times to have a baby? Kind I have chances to try and not get pregnant?

Six months without playing and I’m really lost!

I’m having problems in my game. Everytime I will rather sleep, shower, get into the pool he stands too long to change. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

I am the sims 1